1. In the TV show Friends, what does Monica do for a living?

2. How many eyes does a spider have?

3. Which sea creature belongs to the scientific genus hippocampus?
4. What nationality was William Tell?

5. Which Argentine golfer was the first to win both the US Open and the Masters?

6. In which decade was the first test-tube baby born?

7. Who played the lead character in the film Amelie?
8. In the 1990 film Days of Thunder, what does Tom Cruise’s character do for a living?
9. Who wrote The Ugly Duckling?
10. In which decade did the Panama Canal open?

Round2 A to Z

1. Earlier this year a 1954 model of which type of car sold for a world record $29.6m?

2. Archeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of which Egyptian king in 1924?

3. What perfume ingredient comes from the intestine of the sperm whale?

4. Which organ does hepatitis affect?

5. Which city gives its name to a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express sympathy and have positive feelings towards their captors?
6. Which comedy actor has played a newsreader, ice skater and basketball player?

7. In which part of your body would you find the tympanic membrane?

8. In 2004 FIFA published their list of the 125 Greatest Footballers – name the only Colombian player featured.

9. Which notorious book has a name in Sanskrit which translates as Verses of Desire?

10. The motto of which US state is “Live Free or Die”?
11. Which English progrock band was founded by singer John Anderson and once featured Rick Wakeman on keyboards?
12. In which city are the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte?
13. Which American country singer had the nickname The Man in Black?
14. Who served as Vice President under George HW Bush?
15. There is a statue of a man on a horse in front of the Casa Rosada in the Plaza de Mayo – who does it portray?
16. Which Pizza restaurant chain is the largest in the world with over 10,000 locations in 70 countries (but not Argentina)?
17. Who was Pinocchio’s father?
18. What name was given to an unidentified serial killer active in the East End of London in the 1880s?
19. What name was given to an Empire based in modern-day Turkey which covered much of Southeast Europe, Western Asia and North Africa in the 16th and 17th centuries?
20. What is the capital of New Zealand?
21. Who is drummer and co-founder of the group Metallica?
22. What name is given to a dance fitness program practiced by more than 14 million people worldwide, created by Colombian Beto Perez which uses Salsa and Merengue music?
23. Which country currently holds the cricket world cup?
24. What is the real name of Pope Benedict XVI?
25. Where does Chep Lap Kok airport serve?

Round3 – Countries

1. Which country is an anagram of “A Chaos Fruit”?
2. Excluding names that begin with the word “United”, name 3 of the 4 countries whose names begin with the letter “U”.

3. The largest desert by area in the Americas is mostly found within which country?

4. The Dover Strait links which two countries?

5. By death toll the 5 deadliest floods and landslides have all taken place in which country?

6. Sofia is the capital of which country?

7. Which country will host the 2020 Olympic Games?

8. The Angkor Wat Hindu & Buddhist temple complex is in which country?

9. Based on numbers of active military personnel, after China and the US which country has the 3rd largest army in the world?

10. The Glacier Express is a train service operating in which European country?


1. In which year did Pavarotti die? (one either way)

2. In the Jules Verne novel who travelled around the world in 80 days?
3. Who spent 16 years under the name María Maggi?

4. Today is Adam Sandler’s birthday – how old is he today?
5. Who invented the “Difference Engine” in the 1820s, widely held to be the first computer?

6. What does the Russion word Mir (as in the space station) mean?

7. Who wrote the opera Cosi Fan Tutte?

8. Which sport do the Los Angeles Kings play?

9. 2 Argentine provinces only share a border with one other province – name both.

10. What 3 digit code is displayed when a webpage is not found?



1. Chef

2. 8

3. Seahorse

4. Swiss
5. Angel Cabrera

6. 1970s

7. Audrey Tatou

8. NASCAR Driver

9. Hans Christian Anderson

10. 1910s


1. Mercedes

2. Tutenkahmun

3. Ambergris

4. Liver

5. Stockholm

6. Will Ferrell

7. Ear

8. Carlos Valderrama

9. Kama Sutra

10. New Hampshire
11. Yes
12. Paris
13. Johnny Cash
14. Dan Quayle
15. Belgrano
16. Dominos
17. Gepetto
18. Jack the Ripper
19. Ottoman
20. Wellington
21. Lars Ulrich
22. Zumba
23. India
24. Joseph Ratzinger
25. Hong Kong


1. South Africa
2. Uruguay, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Ukraine

3. Argentina

4. England & France
5. China

6. Bulgaria
7. Japan

8. Cambodia

9. India
10. Switzerland


1. 2007
2. Phineas Fogg
3. Eva Perón

4. 47

5. Babbage

6. Peace (or World)
7. Mozart

8. Ice Hockey

9. Santa Cruz & Misiones

10. 404