What a night! Not put off by a little bit of rain, 6 teams faced off to decide who would become October’s pinups of victory. Risky Quizness put in a solid show of knowledge to beat Quizteamer Fernandez de Kirchner and Looking for a Pen in my Pants in the tiebreak.

As always, a great evening, thanks to everyone for coming – see you next time!

Risky Quizness

Risky Quizness – Avoided the Duc this time

Results October 15th 2012

Team Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Los Alfajores 6 25 30 39
Quizteamer Fernandez de Kirchner 7 32 41 49
Risky Quizness 8 33 40 49
Dolar Blue Para Todos 6 28 35 43
Looking for a Pen in my Pants 8 32 41 49
Cheerio Miss Sophie! 4 16 22 23
Looking for a pen in my pants

Looking for a pen in my pants – did they find one?

Dolar Blue Para Todos

Dolar Blue Para Todos, controversial!

Los Alfajores

Aaah sweet, it’s Los Alfajores

Quizteamer Fernandez de Kirchner

Quizteamer Fernandez de Kirchner or is Fleetwood Mac?

Cheerio Sophie!

Plucky underdogs Cheerio Sophie!

Risky Quizness

It’s those cheeky chappies, Risky Quizness